Mandy Parslow, wood-fired salt-glaze kiln packed and ready to fire.The majority of Mandy’s work is fired in a wood-fuelled salt-glaze kiln. The kiln, which has 50 cubic feet of packing space, was built in 2006 and is currently fired once to twice a year. It takes approximately 24 hours to fire to 1300°C using timber off-cuts from a local sawmill. Once fired, it takes another three days before the kiln is cool enough to open and unpack.

Firing with wood is a demanding decision – the timber management and constant stoking of the kiln throughout the firing requires an unparalleled time and energy commitment. In return, it provides a strong connection to the making process. The finished pieces record the passage of flame, ash deposits and salt vapour through the kiln. The unique journey of each piece through the firing can be seen in the subtle variations on the finished surfaces.




Wood-fired salt-glazed kiln, Glen of Aherlow, Co. Tipperary, Ireland Mandy Parslow, firing the wood fired salt glaze kiln in Tipperary Mandy Parslow, checking the cones during the firing of the wood fired salt glaze kiln in Tipperary. Crash-cooling the wood-fired salt glaze kiln in the Glen of Aherlow, Co. Tipperary