I'm currently taking part in a ceramic residency in Fuping, Shaanxi, China. I have travelled here with 12 other Irish ceramic artists, a writer and a photographer/film maker. We are working in Fuping for the month of September 2011 to create the foundation collection for the Irish Pavilion at the Fule International Ceramic Art Museum. The Irish Pavilion will showcase the best of the new wave of ceramic art emerging from Ireland, marrying the ancient techniques of the East to our own cultural traditions. This permanent collection will house the work we create here. The Irish ceramists are Alex Scott, Elaine Riordan, Frances Lambe, Kathleen Moroney, Kathleen Standen, Laura O'Hagan, Mandy Parslow, Michael Moore, Neil Read, Peter Fulop, Sara Flynn, Sinead Glynn and Tina Byrne. Writer, Eleanor Flegg and film maker and photographer,  Andrew Standen-Raz  have travelled with the group to document the residency. The Irish Pavilion opens on the 4th October 2011. 

You can follow our progress on Eleanor's blog

And see Andrew's images at
http://gallery.me.com/asr3#100622 http://gallery.me.com/asr3#100622 http://gallery.me.com/asr3#100622

 September 2011